About Us

NZPOPs was founded in 1997 by two psychologists, who at the time were the only psychologists in New Zealand working in the field of older adults. They held their first conference in 1999. Since this time the group has grown year by year, and we now have psychologists and other professionals who work with older adults throughout the country and overseas.

NZPOPs exists to provide the following:

  • Training and professional development for those working in the field of older adults through regular conferences and workshops
  • Networking with other professionals in the field through workshops/conferences and through an email support and information link
  • Regular email updates regarding information pertinent to the field of older adults including training opportunities overseas, updates of research information.
  • Ability to consult with other professionals in the area via email contacts

NZPOPs is run by a committee of psychologists all working in the field. AGM are held yearly and are open for anyone to attend.

Auckland Meetings

Psychologists working with older adults in the Auckland region meet on a 6- 7 weekly basis for networking, professional development, and to continue to develop the older adult service (such as workshop and conference planning). If you would like to know more about these meetings, or are interested in attending, please contact our Secretary